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What are the Disadvantages of Frameless Shower Glass?


Like many other home renovations, a lot of households consider renovating their bathrooms, too. There are times when the look of your bathroom has gone to a point where it is already boring. You want something new. Which is why you have considered changing your usual shower curtains with the classy look of shower glass for home improvement. But which do you prefer, the framed or the frameless? Both of these types have its own pros and cons. However, you will know more about the disadvantages of going with the frameless. This is like a comparison made between whether you are going to choose the framed one or the frameless one.

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Frameless interior glass doors are very expensive compared to the framed ones. Some of you will get right away the reason why the frameless glass doors are more expensive. The reason for this is the need for the width of the glass to be thicker. Another is how it needs a very sturdy hardware that will keep the glass in its place, like the solid brass. Each installation of these frameless glass can weigh between 80 to 100 pounds, which is pretty heavy. The costs for it starts from $80 all the way to $300, but there are other ones that can go much higher, especially if you plan to get the custom bathroom glass doors. try adding a Towel warmer for that European feel

Interior Glass Makes the Difference

Frameless interior glass does shine really well in the view of aesthetics, but it has sacrificed the performance part. The reason? If you compare the frameless glass with the framed ones, the latter makes use of seals surrounding the edges in order to bind its door to the shower wall and the floor. This will prevent any leaks. Frameless seals do not have these seals around them. You can already imagine the gaps that the frameless will have that framed glass doors do not have at all.

What about the thought of your glass doors shattering? This is possible with the frameless interior glass doors. Although it is also possible with the framed ones, it is highly likely with the former. Most of the framless shower doors calgary are tempered glass. The purpose of doing it this way is to keep the ones near them safe – meaning that tempered glass shatter into tiny little pieces when it breaks. This will only give minor scratches and little ones embedded on your skin, but the least is that you don’t get cut by the broken shards while you are showering. However, for this part of the interior glass doors, there are only around 3 or less calls in a year about having their glass doors broken. In a sense, most interior glass doors are very sturdy. There are two reasons why the glass doors get broken that way – either glass inclusions or damage.Try out the best shower head filters



Make Your Show New

Now, you have the factors as to why you might want to consider the framed interior glass is as it is stated above. However, you might want to check out hotels that make use of frameless shower glass. You might get a good idea whether you are going to go for it or not. Dont overlook a possible new Show head as well , you might want to read up on reviews and decide if you want a rain shower head , LED shower head or a Speaker Shower head checkout the Best Shower head review site